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TERA Class: Sorcerer PvP – 3 best PvP Tips

In a PvP situation, what you need to understand very clearly is that you cannot afford to take much damage. The main strategy you need to follow here is “Low DPS is better than No DPS”. Let us understand what this means in depth in this part of the Tera Online Sorcerer guide.

This is a brief guide. I will update it to be more detailed and precise when i get my hands on more information. Visit Tera Online Sorcerer Guide to understand the class.

Tera Online Sorcerer PVP Tip #1 – Know your strength and weakness

As a Tera Online Sorcerer it very clear where your strength and weaknesses lie. As I have said before there is one simple statement you need to keep in mind. Low DPS is better than No DPS at all. This means that, in a battle whenever you sense any danger you should stop whatever you are doing and find a safer place to attack from.

The strong points of the Sorcerer is that they can bring down enemies very quick. You can use different combos while using traps to slow them down.

Tera Online Sorcerer PVP Tip #2 – Use skills wisely

You need to understand which skills to use where and how. While initiating when a for is unaware use blast ball empowered with Contract of Wreck. Pop contract of wreck and charge Blast Ball and fire. Blast ball is best used at the start as you won’t get time during the battle to use it again.

As I have repeatedly said, the Tera Online Sorcerer must keep his or her distance from the enemy at all costs. You can use spells like Pillar of Flame if they got to close or Backstep to take a leap backwards. You can also use Mana Shield to avoid damage. But Mana shield must not be reckless used as it can drain you out of mana very easily.

The Tera Online Sorcerer is nothing without Mana, use Mana Recovery to recover the used mana.

Tera Online Sorcerer PVP Tip #3 – Know your opponent strengths and weaknesses

If your foe is a melee class, then it is better to stay away from them and try to nuke them down. If they have spells which can pull you to them or them coming to you, then you should be ready to use a trap or spells like Backstep.

If playing another ranged character then you need to keep dodging their spells all the while trying to aim them. This can be hard but can achieved with some experience.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the Tera Online Sorcerer PvP ,look at the other guides in this section for a more in depth view of the Sorcerer.

Tera Online Sorcerer Gameplay – Learn here how the class works. Understand the core mechanics of this. Understand its weaknesses and strength. Have an overview of the skills.

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