Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tera Online: Release in 2012 (official statement)

As you can read on official Tera Online Website, the release has officially being moved to 2012. This is nothing new, as I already posted in a previous post, that “Tera Online release delayed – No Tera Online in 2011?” from an inside leak from within the Frogster Offices.
For everyone else, flaming in the above posts comments: Haha, sucks for you fanboys.
Here the whole post:
August 3, 2011
Hello TERA faithful! My name is Chris "Chager" Hager, and I'm the North American producer for TERA. I've got some exciting news to share today about what we've been up to this year so far, as well as what we'll be doing for the rest of 2011 and 2012.
TERA has had a busy 2011, and the year's barely half over! After successful showings at CES and GDC, we unveiled the game's political system at E3, where we received several awards and even more nominations.
The big news I'll be sharing today is our launch timing! That's right folks, we are ramping up for a spring 2012 launch date. Our focus has always been on launching TERA when it's ready, so you can take heart knowing that we feel we're getting close enough to announce our launch window. Let me explain, in further detail, what we'll be doing between now and spring 2012.
Later this year we will begin our alpha testing. For those who aren't yet familiar with this term, alpha testing is essentially small-scale testing with people outside the company, with the goal of collecting feedback on specific game features. An alpha test has the added benefit of allowing our internal teams to practice running a game in a "live" environment, so when the beta phase starts in early 2012, TERA will be operating like a well-oiled machine.
During our alpha, we'll test PvP server settings, overall progression, quest feedback, BAM (big-ass monster) fights, our brand new platform (account management), and a lot of other things that we'll talk about in greater detail later this year. In addition to testing new systems and Western features, we'll also fine-tune existing systems with our players in mind. Once all of these systems are in place, it's important to us that we get user feedback prior to our beta phase.
"Wait, did you say beta in early 2012?" Why yes, yes I did. Once we complete the alpha phase, we'll incorporate that feedback into the client, polish any new content, and then start beta testing early next year. Most of y'all are familiar with betas and how they work; for us, their main purpose is to expose greater numbers of players to TERA so they can experience the incredible action combat system, group up with some friends to take down a BAM or two, and in general enjoy a slice of TERA. We'll announce specific dates and times for our beta testing when we get a little closer, but the culmination of those beta events will be a launch for TERA in the spring of 2012!
So what does all of this mean for you? We'll be allowing a few select players to enter our alpha test later this year, and we'll open the door even wider in early 2012 with our beta testing. For details on both of these initiatives, as well as more about the features we'll be implementing and testing, stop by As we've been discussing the details behind the alpha plan here at En Masse this past week, the excitement has grown palpable! We feel we're on the right path to deliver a truly epic game to our players and fans.