Closed Beta Keys

Welcome to my TERA Blog!

I’ve been following the Tera Online development for many years, since the early information got released over two years ago. Now the release date for the western version of Tera Online is coming closer and is about to be released later this year (2011).

When will the Beta start?

There is no release date for the Closed Beta yet. However, since the game is to be released in 2011, most likely after the game expositions September/October 2011 is very likely as release date. Now if we look at other MMO releases, there is usually a 1 week head start for pre-order customers. Before that, the game usually goes two weeks down in order to prepare the servers and before that there is at least 2-3 weeks Open Beta as PR event to make the game popular.

That’s 4-6 weeks, assuming mid September 2011 as release date, this means that the Closed beta would need to end at least at end of July 2011. This means that the Closed Beta can only occur between now, the 15th May 2011 and 31st July 2011. That’s only 2 and a half months. Since a closed Beta usually runs for at least one month, the latest logical date for the end of June, which is less than 6 weeks after posting this.

Where can I register for the Beta keys?

There is no official registration form for the closed beta yet. However, a great bunch of keys will be given out to big and active Tera Online guilds, since guilds play a great role in TERA Political System guilds will receive a special role in the Closed Beta in order to properly test the content and report bugs and feedback based on it.

I don’t have a guild, how can I participate in the Closed Beta?

You either have to wait and hope that there will be an application form soon, join a big and active Tera Online guild or be part of this event. Last option would probably be a giveaway from big fan-sites, like Curse Gaming who offer a chance to a Closed Beta Key… but only offer it to paying subscribers of their website.

First option is the less secure, as it’s not known yet if there will be a free closed beta sign-up. To join an active Tera guild is a much better way. However many of the active guilds already have many members. From secure sources I know that every guild will receive between 40 and 60 keys in total, even though some guilds have already far more than this number of members. Which means, the keys will most probably go to the more loyal members of these guilds

Third option is this event here. People who choose to participate in here, will get a chance to win one of the 25-45 keys.

Last option are the big MMO Fanpage who probably will get some keys to spread to their users. However, the chances in getting some of the precious keys is pretty low (if such an event is to come), because this websites have several few 100.000 visitors and only very few keys.

How will it work? How do you get the keys?

I’ll first answer the last question first. A friend of mine works for the TERA Online publishers and could organize one batch of guild keys for me. However, in order to get the keys I need at least 15-20 people to be in my “guild”.

Depending on the guild size he can give out 20-60 keys per guild. Usually a normal sized guild will get around 40 keys, but if the guild is large enough more keys are possible.

Now here comes the deal: In order to get the necessary people, everyone who participates in this event, will have a chance for one of the keys.

Out of given keys I will take 10 keys for myself and a few real friends of mine, maybe additional 5 for people who help me filling this blog with content. The remaining keys will go to the most active participants of this event. That means, there are 25-45 keys to be given away


In order to participate, you just need a Facebook or Twitter account and actively recommending/liking/posting about Tera and the Tera Guide Blog. I will take the most active members and have them join in my “guild” and give out the remaining keys. Soon I’ll implement the Facebook Like button and a Twitter Buttons as well as a Facebook Group/Page