Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tera Online Closed Beta Client Download

Today I want to give you some Links to the Tera Online Closed Beta Client. It’s hosted directly on the Frogster servers. So for everyone who’s waiting for the Closed Beta Test and already wants to download the client, has now the chance to do so. You can also download it to unpack it with Unreal Model Viewer.
Whoever downloads the client and prepares himself for the Tera Online Closed Beta Test, should also take a look at our Tera Online Closed Beta Keys Giveaway Event and participate, if you don’t already have a key or are in a big and active Tera Online Guild.
Tera Online Client Files Download:

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Do I Get Tera Online Closed Beta Keys?

Did you ever asked, where can I get a Tera Online Closed Beta Key (short CBT)?

Like many others you also heard of Tera Online and can’t wait it to have a chance to play it. Then you’re lucky! We’re just having a Tera Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway Event. It’s very simple and everyone can participate in it! Read here on how to participate in the event.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

TERA Online: Japan Closed Beta announced

Hey, TERA Fans! It's been a long time since we've had major TERA news, hasn't it? I think that will all be changing as the E3 Expo rolls around next month from June 7th-9th; it seems to me we'll get some sort of important announcement there!

I'll be at the show and I'll see TERA at both its Atari and En Masse Entertainment booths so as not to miss anything. As the show draws nearer I'll also be taking questions from the community for an interview with the EME team :) So, exciting times ahead, have no fear!

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Anywhoo! Today there's a small bit of news to report: our Japanese translator Meiellink confirmed for me today that TERA's official Japanese site has announced the details of TERA's Japanese CBT! Learn more below, thanks to Meiellink!

TERA Japan CBT Schedule

    CBT Time Period
  • July 1, 2011(Fri) - July 4, 2011(Mon)
  • CBT Application Dates
  • June 13, 2011(Mon) - ?
  • Number of Participants
  • 35,000 players
  • Qualifications for Applicants
  • Must have a valid Hangame account.
  • Participants will be chosen at random.
  • "TERA Leaders" (a group of community leaders.) will be automatically included.

    CBT Restrictions
  • Level cap: Level 22
  • Race/class limitation: All races and classes.
  • Zones to level in: Island of dawn, Velika and Eternal Basin (Sounds odd to me, maybe a mistranslation x3)

TERA Online: Open Beta FAQ

Originally posted on ThisIsGame, this Q&A about the TERA Open Beta translated by TeraFans has a great deal of information about the game. The answers are from Hyun-Kyu Park, Executive Developer, Kang-Suk Kim, CEO, and Lead Graphic artist Chul-Woon Hwang.

Some of the topics discussed are graphics, endgame content, battlefields, the political system, changes made since the stress test, level cap, dungeons and more.

“TERA’s max level to be 50, enjoy politics and battlefields.”

- Hyun-Kyu Park, Executive Developer for Bluehole Studio, Kang-Suk Kim, CEO, and Lead Graphic artist Chul-Woon Hwang.

TERA: Crystal Guide (Advanced Mechanics)

Crystals are attached to equipment in order to improve a character’s chances of survival in a variety of ways. Crystals allow the player to improve the strengths that their class already possess, or they can be used in order to conquer any limitations the class may possess. This in-depth system allows the player to create their own style of play in a very detailed way. In TERA, Crystals are regarded as consumable items, meaning that if a character dies or if you decide to unequip the Crystal, it could be destroyed.

TERA Online: Demon Beast of Destruction Update

Hey, TERA Fans! Recently, BHS held a press conference to discuss TERA and its future updates. TIG's coverage of the conference shows that between May of 2011 and early 2012, TERA will receive some huge additions. From the long awaited server v. server content to cosmetic items, it seems fan feedback will drive the game's development direction.

Check out our translation of TIGs coverage below and let us know what you think!
“TERA, will include SvS after the Demonic Beast of Destruction update in May”
TERA will have a major content update this coming May.

Friday, May 6, 2011

TERA Slayer Guide & Introduction

A new MMORPG is reputed to be coming to the Western Market in 2011. It has many classes, some traditional and some new, to offer the avid gamer. The world looks rich and immersive from the races to the lore.

As a gamer myself, I was very interested in some of the descriptions offered for the classes. I play social role playing games. Unlike many traditional gamers who would play a strong fighter, often slow to mobilize with heavy armor, with intelligence as a dump statistic I tend to prefer a highly mobile fighter with dexterity and high damage who attacks in a strategic fashion.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tera Online Basics: Homunculus Guide

The Homunculus, introduced in the city of Velika, is a unique pet system in TERA. This pet may offer many different services to its owner. In the recent FGT2, the Homunculus was a personal shop system and this guide will detail the steps to setting one up. Life is much easier when someone else does the buying or selling for you, but of course this system is not without a price. The player will have to take care of its Homunculus in order to keep it alive.

In FGT2, TERA offered a small in-game tutorial explaining all the basics about the Homunculus. Today we will share this information with the community, including some additional information from our team’s experience with our own Homunculi.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

TERA Archer Guide & Introduction

There’s a new MMORPG coming to the Western consumer market in 2011. The game TERA is a combination of being the hero of a story and acting rapidly to execute combat maneuvers to bring the player into an immersive world filled with adventure.
There are many race and class combinations available. I’m most interested in the classes, though, as I tend to play the same classes no matter what race I choose. In this world, there are several unique and new premises for a character class and its niche in the party. I am very glad to find the TERA Archer  as a traditional standby for gamers who enjoy dealing death from afar.
The TERA Archer is permitted to wear only light armor and wields bows. The light armor makes for a mobile character who must execute tactical attacks from a ranged vantage point using arrow strikes and traps. Any attempt to play the character in close melee will likely require the gamer to take elusive evasive maneuvers to re-establish distance in this action filled combat.