Friday, April 15, 2011

TERA Priest Guide & Introduction

TERA is a Korean MMORPG coming to the Western market in 2011, at least that’s the plan. It looks to be a fairly interesting game with a good selection of role and class combination. TERA Priest is one of the classes being offered to the gamer to play.

I frequently play support roles in the games I choose to play with others, so TERA Priest was appealing to me upon initial examination. The TERA Priest has a twofold role to fill. First, the TERA Priest supports the party with healing and bringing party members back from the status of death. Second, the TERA Priest can assist in doing damage to the party’s target, of course as a support class with a focus on healing, the damage component will be smaller compared to a class that is not a hybrid. In general, hybrid classes tend to have lesser strengths than pure classes but that’s a discussion for another kind.

Gamers will have an easy time associating with the restrictions placed upon TERA Priests, such as the armor type being restricted to cloth. It has been the case typically in most games from a role playing origin to follow similar conventions with regards to armor and spell capabilities.

What looks interesting about this game is that it combines the allure of the role playing game with a true action game. That combined with the TERA Priest and the role’s multitude of skills to be used and mastered means the priest position may well hold the fascination of gamers who like a challenge and take pride in letting their skills shine in an environment with others.

Gamers can be competitive with each other and take pride in their skills. Healers in general can make or break a game. So the TERA Priest seems like it will certainly provide opportunities for those who want to prove themselves. Healers in general tend to be backbones of any party in a multi-player environment.

The TERA Priest looks like it will be a fun opportunity to explore in this new world. TERA definitely looks appealing and has a sleek look to the graphics and game play. There’s enough of the traditional role play game associations to make a new gamer approach and feel comfortable in taking up the mantle of a TERA Priest but there’s also enough innovation to provide fresh, new fun to the experienced gamers.

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